Lockheed Martin concepts

Vic Rampage

The Tattler

Sculpted in Medium.


Sculpted in Medium.

Beard Man

Sculpted in Oculus Medium.

Anatomy Man

Sculpted in Oculus Medium.

Honda - "Strong & Smart" & "Tower of Success" commercials

I created a 360° 10K matte painting of the sky and background trophy-buildings that was used in every shot.
Work done @ MPC.

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Vitruvius Clown

Work done in Photoshop.


Bridgestone - P. K. Subban Blizzak Commercial

Created matte paintings, set extensions, snow elements and road replacements.
Work done @ Method.

Taco Bell - Egg Logo

Multipart element created to be animated for commercial end tag.
Work done @ MPC.


WIX - Big Game

Starring Jason Statham and Gal Godot.
Work done @ the Mill.
I created matte paintings, set extensions and damage elements for the explosion shots.

Power Box Robots

Photoshop fun.

Pine Sol - Soldierina

I created concept art and environments for this spot.

Ghoul Boy

Sculpted in Oculus Medium, sweetened in Photoshop.


Based on the Korg 770.
Sculpted in Medium, sweetened in Photoshop.

Flesh Canon

Sculpted in Oculus Medium, sweetened in Photoshop.