"Francis" - Animated Short Film

Concept Art:

Matte Paintings:

Texture Painting:

Finished Film:
Directed by Richard Hickey - Written by Dave Eggers

Hay Day "Too Much Wool" - Animated Short

Finished Short:
I provided art direction, layout and all the backgrounds.

Concept Art:
Because we already had models for the characters, I was able to modify them in Photoshop to suit my needs for the concepts.  When it came time to make the final film, I re-used the backgrounds from the concepts. I'm still amazed how close the CG team was able to get with the final products, my concepts almost look like screenshots.

Early Style Tests:
The clients chose #2, but I'm a fan of #3.

Some Odds and Ends:


Food Fetish




Adventure Friends Jamboree 2014 - Poster

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Santa, Krampus and Big G!

Hay Day "No Traction" - Animated Short

Concept Art:

Style Guide:

The top two are the original 2D art from the game. The bottom two are CG models we developed for the shorts.  Unlike most CG, the color palette is severely limited to mimic the 2D art.

Finished Short:

Hay Day - Posters

These were a lot of fun.  I was responsible for the initial layout, then the ace CG team rendered out a lot of layers for me to play with (fur, rim, ambient occlusion, etc.).  From there I had to composite the render layers and create the background. Although, the dog background is just a tweaked set photo.

Incident in Forbidden Forest