Venusian Temple: Deconstructed, part 1

'Venusian temple' germinated out of another piece I had already done; 'Prelude to Pollination'(first). It may be shocking, but artists sometimes recycle ideas. The little chapel was created almost automatically, and I was pleased with how it had turned out. So I decided to develop it further (second). It evolved into a Feminine Fertility Cathedral, combining two of my favorite things: biomorphic architecture and curvy lady parts.

It was thus time to begin the painting. I sketched it straight onto the canvas with a mechanical pencil then did a thin coat of gel medium and gesso. Once that had dried, I applied a thinned coat of yellow ochre.

From there I embellished the darks, first with burnt Sienna, then for the deepest darks I used burnt umber. And I finished up with some Naples yellow to bring back the brightest areas.

And now, its ready for color.